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We put up this studio to extend our hand of fellowship to as many as are gifted musically regardless of the genre of music they do; we hope that our little contribution and encouragement will go a long way in making and bringing up the next set of super stars in the music industries that will transform the world for the better.

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Our Services

What we do to transform the music industry in Nigeria to a higher dimension.

Audio Recording

Mixing & Mastering

Mobile Recording

Live Recording


Audio Dubbing & Voice Overs

Jodu Records Artist Audition

Here is an opportunity for you to show the world what you've got! The winner gets signed for a two-year record deal with Jodu records.
Inclusive in this package is a full album production with promotions in all available media such as TV, Radio, Blogs, etc. We will also organize a music tour for the winner to perform alongside other big names in the industry.

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